Please check the calendar for the next meeting.
Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise posted.


Board of Directors

Position Name
President Frank Carrozza
Vice President Richard Hanel
Secretary Nickie Tolerico
Treasurer Nancy Bernard
Director Gil Clark
Director Patti Coombs
Director Joan Skillin
Director Open Position
Director Open Position



Directorships   Disciplinary Committee   By-Law Committee
Dick Hanel                     Office Director   Gil Clark      Chairperson   Frank Carrozza – Chairperson
Joan Skillin
  Frank Carrozza   Gil Clark
Frank Carrozza
  Barbara Cirignano   Mary Hanel
Code Enforcement
Gil Clark
  Mary Hanel   Barbara Cirignano
Nickie Tolerico/Patti Coombs
  Don Iudica    Richard Hemler
Social & Recreation
Nickie Tolerico/Patti Coombs
  Sue Keppel    
    Richard Hemler    
    Dr. Spearman    
Sewer /Utilities Committee   Social & Recreation Committee   Nominating Committee
Chairperson – open seat   Nickie Tolerico – Chairperson   Richard Hanel – Chairperson
Steve Sutter   Gil Clark   Sue Keppel
Mary Hanel   Patti Coombs   Mary Hanel
Dr. Spearman   Jessica Arnott   Donald Iudica
    Kagin Galvin    
    Danielle Gouldthorpe    
    Sue Mazza    
Documentation Committee   Long/Short Term Planning   Beautification Committee
Chairperson – open seat   Chairperson – open seat   Frank Carrozza – Chairperson
open seat   Barbara Cirignano   Mary Hanel
    Don Iudica   Richard Hemler
    Beverly Hill    
    Karen/Steven DeSlandes    
Emergency Action Committee   Finance Committee   Communications Committee
Richard Hanel – Chairperson   Nancy Bernard – Chairperson    
Gil Clark   Anna Mukerjee   Gil Clark
Sue Keppel   Beverly Hill   Open seat
Beverly Hill   Mary Hanel    
Don Iudica   Gil Clark    
Steve Sutter        
Joint Lake Committee      
Richard Hanel (Chairperson)      
    Tom Baker Old Marcel
John Stallone   Doug Reiley Old Marcel
Frank Carrozza   Tracy Simpson Old Marcel
Joan Skillin   Larry Smith Old Marcel
Steve Sutter   Al Calabrese Old Marcel
Bill Moesch   Tim Fraenza Old Marcel


Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes can be found here.


Other Documents

2020-2021 Budget (Proposed)
2017-2018 Budget
2016-2017 Budget

2015-2016 Budget

2014-2015 Budget
By-Laws (Revised June 11th, 2018)
Rules & Regulations (Revised Feb 18th, 2020)
Building Rules and Regulations